Garden Gargoyles

Terracotta gargoyles: old world ideas will be launched into 21st century possibilities through creative exploration resulting in an outdoor sculpture to charm and intrigue.
In this two day workshop students will be using terracotta clay to create outrageous, funny, thought-provoking creatures which will add mystery and charm to any outdoor space. The idea of play is the foundation of this class. Students will explore how human and animal essences can be combined into unique works of art.
Beginners welcome!

PLEASE NOTE: Work made in this class will not be fired at MISSA.

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Mould Making & Casting

Learn how to create one-piece and two-piece silicone rubber moulds using artifacts provided or a simple object/sculpture you provide (subject to approval). Students will also be introduced to the world of casting replicas using resins, cement, and plaster products.
This is a hands-on course and will also focus on gaining a wide understanding of how to create moulds and learn about casting methods and materials available to replicate items. A wide variety of casting materials will be available including resins, pigments, and bronze and copper powders.

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Bas-Relief Sculpture

During this workshop you will work in water-based clay and produce a bas-relief sculpture (size could range from 10″x 10″ to 12″x 24″). Using photographs and other collected images you will develop a composition and then learn how to create a low relief sculpture. You will learn about how to create the illusion of space using perspective and foreshortening, how to use the clay and sculpting tools effectively, various mark-making and measuring techniques to recreate your chosen idea.

PLEASE NOTE: The pieces created in this workshop will not be fired. Your material fee includes a specialty clay provided by the instructor.

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Toward Renewal and Belonging: Art, Movement & Community

“To speak of knowledge is futile. All is an experiment and adventure. We are forever mixing ourselves with unknown qualities.” ~Virginia Woolf

These words speak to the quality of the journey introduced in this weekend art/spirit retreat. Ingrid will lead participants through a kaleidoscope of colour, form, movement, and poetic & visual imagination. A series of creative encounters will engage the participants in a physical and creative self-reflective journey: one imbued with the sacred, contemplative and restorative atmosphere of space, nature, and supportive community. The group will be guided through experiences in movement, art and meditation, fostering the potential for creativity in everyday life. This interdisciplinary journey seeks to spark and liberate the poetic and visual voice of participants as individuals and as the collective. Practices of renewal and revitalization help creativity to emerge and to be freed from the obstacles held in physical tension and internalized critical narratives. The course is rooted in a somatically based practice involving a series of movements, stretching, walking, and inhabiting postures consciously within the art, nature, and adventure of becoming.
Open to artists in all media.

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Beyond Wheel Throwing

In this wheel throwing course participants will start by throwing tall then flat and in between these, the bowl form. From there these simple forms will be pushed to address bigger, smaller, longer, thinner, and hollow. Exploration will include pots with appendages, multi-parts, textures, slip, and carving, and Vincent will show why he thinks your extruder can and should be a part of your pots.

PLEASE NOTE: Work made in this class will not be fired at MISSA.

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SOLARPLATES: Monoprinting in the Sun

The Poetic and Musical Conversion of the Sun; Spoken Words, Sound and the Printed Image

Explore the wonder of Solarplate printmaking combined with music, poetry and various imagery to create a cohesive body of prints using the power of the sun as its magical ingredient. Solarplate is an artistic method of making multiple images on paper without sweat, blood and tears.

Learn and study this simple technique from a master printmaker who teaches through excitement and spontaneity. Without hazardous acids and chemicals, UV light and water yield highly professional results. The light-sensitized polymer printing plate accepts all forms of art from drawings, paintings and/or digital images and is capable of yielding many impressions.

Alternatively, artists can work through traditional or digital approaches on transparent film or specially prepared ‘grained’ glass. Participants will be able to produce several 8×10 inch images during this intensive workshop.

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Re-imagine the Page

Make the deepest story revisions you’ll ever make. By combining the approaches of two award-winning authors, you’ll learn powerful tools to see your story draft from a unique perspective. “Re-see” the landscape of your story, including point-of-view, character, scene beats, narrative space, narrative distance, emotional terrain, and narrative energy. “Re-dream” your story as a person, invigorating its heart, illuminating its head, exciting its body, strengthening its soul.

This workshop is for both fiction and creative non-fiction writers of all levels.

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Three Good Habits to Structure a Consistent Practice

Whatever kind of creator you are, you’ve discovered ways to learn about the craft part of being an artist. What you may struggle with though, is how to show up consistently for your practice. You want to do the work because not doing it causes too much suffering, but you’re not always sure where or how to start. Or maybe, despite previous success, you’ve found yourself stuck or stalled. Or, maybe you abandon your practice when life gets too busy or other, “more important” things take over.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about “The Three Good Habits” developed at GOOD (a Victoria-based workshop studio that helps creative practitioners do good work and live good lives). As we unpack the habits, we’ll delve into things like mindset, routines, project planning, time-blocking, tracking, and reviewing. Tried and true, the habits will train you to show up for your practice like a pro—which means you’ll be better able to rise to your aspirations, take on the projects you’re passionate about, and meet your goals.

Overall, by learning to structure your practice, you’ll not only be honouring it, but also yourself as an artist, and yourself as a person in the world with something unique to contribute.

A supply kit will be provided by the instructor, but students are welcome to bring any of their favourite supplies.

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Crystalline Glazes & Porcelain

This hands on workshop will focus on the magic of crystalline firing: glaze formulation, glaze recipes, and application both brushed and sprayed. Techniques will focus on high fire oxidation, with information about high fire reduction, reduction post firing and oxidation striking. Glazing techniques will include using encapsulated stains, and post fire acid etching.

While the kiln is firing, Ginny will be demonstrating, and participants will have time to practice, both hand building and throwing altered forms, exploring the particular qualities of porcelain: stretching, altering, joining, and cutting the clay to create pieces that accentuate the crystalline glazes. Please note: these pieces will not be part of the glaze firings.

Finally, essential attention will be paid to the post-firing finishing of the works: removal of pedestals, etching, and striking. No detail will be omitted, though of course, some alchemy will still remain: the spontaneity of crystal formations within the layers of the glaze itself.

This 5-day format allows participants to take the pieces from the beginning to the end of the process with time for experimenting in and out of the kiln. This workshop is suitable for all levels of throwing and handbuilding and all levels of glaze work.

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