Knots, Slots & Boxes: Rings that do Tricks

The trio of rings you’ll make in this class each has its own magic, and for each there are tricks to smooth the path to triumphant and smug success. You will learn to tie wire into cunning knots, cut sheet precisely to form a slotted prong setting for a faceted stone, forge a sculptural ring band, and build a dimensional hollow box ring.  All basic materials provided.

Some jewelry making experience is highly recommended, especially some familiarity with using a jeweler’s saw.

Course cost: $665         Supply fee:  $147  STUDENT SUPPLY LIST

Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks. Prices are in Canadian Dollars and are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

JULIA LOWTHER, a professional jewelry artist, was raised in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and has been teaching jewelry making nationally and internationally for 15 years.  An active member of the vibrant Pacific Northwest metals community, she has studied and worked with many internationally recognized jewelry artists, including Mary Hu, Komelia Okim, Doug Harling, and Megan Corwin. Lowther’s jewelry is comfortable, chic and stunning. Her work has been published most recently in the books 500 Gemstone Jewels; Chain Mail Jewelry; Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet; and Art Jewelry Today 4. She lives and works in Seattle, WA.


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Garden Photography with a Zen Twist

Using the format of a Zen master giving his students a ‘koan’, a seemingly unanswerable question designed to open the student’s mind, Allan will guide the participants along a path toward creating compelling photographic images.  Shooting on location on the MISSA campus and in Hatley Park gardens, students will work on a series photographic ‘koans’, then download and edit their digital images in the classroom at MISSA.  Critiques will be honest and supportive.  We will work toward a new understanding of what it means to practice photography.

Note: There will be a morning day trip on July 1 to the gardens at Hatley Castle.

Course cost: $285   Supply fee: $10  STUDENT SUPPLY LIST
Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes. 


ALLAN MANDELL has worked as a professional garden photographer for 25 years with images published in books and magazines world-wide.  A long-time devotee of Japanese aesthetic, twice each year he leads small group tours to the gardens of Kyoto, Japan.  He lives and grows vegetables with his wife on Quadra Island, BC.

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Monotypes: The Painterly Print

Join printmaker Heather Aston for a week of monotype printmaking. This unique process provides the artist with tools and materials that yield unparalleled results that are often innovative and surprising. Exploring watercolour, oil based inks, lift prints, chine collé and layered techniques you will progress through a series of steps, that will open new possibilities for expression. Students will receive individual attention regarding drawing, painting and composition while ultimately pulling prints from the plexiglass matrix to paper using a manual press. The excitement of transformation and discovery is inherent in this media and is sure to inspire and fascinate participants. There will be discussion and class critiques throughout the week.

Workshop hours are 9 – 4 pm each day. Studios are also open after hours.

 Course cost:  $665    Class fee:  $75  

Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and all applicable taxes.


HEATHER ASTON is a full time printmaker/painter who works out of her home studio and a studio on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. Born and raised in West Vancouver she graduated in 1971 from The Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University) with Honours in Printmaking. She studied at the Santa Reparata Institute in Florence, Italy in 1990 where she fell in love with the immediacy and spontaneity of monotypes. It has been the main focus of her print work ever since. In 2001 she received a Canada Council Grant to go to Yokohama, Japan where she was guest artist in residence at the OM Printmaking Studio. She is also a 4 time Helen Pitt Art Scholarship recipient.

Heather teaches Painting and Printmaking part-time in schools, art institutions and studios. Her work is exhibited regularly in galleries locally and internationally and is also represented in numerous collections throughout the world.

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Botanicals with Acrylic and Metallic Leaf

Taking inspiration from our natural setting we will paint the plants that surround us, combining them into magical landscapes reminiscent of memories or dreams. We will capture the changing ocean light by using copper, aluminum and ‘gold’ leaf. This course combines the rigours of botanical observation with some hippy drippy acrylic spontaneity. Prepare to sharpen your drawing and observational skills while expressing your love of nature with loose and juicy acrylics. No drawing experience is required. You’ll be amazed how good you already are with a little instruction and a lot of gentle encouragement. Students may also choose to include animals that they observe during our time in the workshop such as insects, birds and whales!

Course fee: $665  Supply fee: $15  STUDENT SUPPLY LIST

Tuition is listed in Canadian Dollars and includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes.

JEAN BRADBURY,  a Seattle based painter, explores her love of nature with large scale acrylic and metallic leaf works that depict plants and animals in whimsical landscapes. Her use of metallic leaf allows her to capture the changing light of day so that her artworks reflect light in even the darkest spaces. Bradbury has a BFA from Queen’s University and grew up on an organic farm in rural New Brunswick. She currently works with the United Nations teaching farm women in the country of Jordan about natural dyes and textile design. She is the founder of Studio Syria which brings art classes to Syrians living as refugees in Jordan.

Her large scale public art pieces are found in collections around the world including Starbucks in China and Kuwait, as well as schools and hospitals in the Western United States and Maritime Canada.


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Throwing Relaxed, Gestural Forms

As experienced throwers hone their skills, they often begin to show an affinity for working more precisely. Precision throwing can lead to sublime beauty or to mechanical repetition that leaves pots a bit stiff. As potters develop their eye along with their technical skills, they sometimes yearn to make forms that breathe – pots that look as though they are still soft and pliable after they are fired.

This workshop will be structured for the potter with at least 5 years of throwing experience, who would like to make more relaxed forms that feel more gestural. You won’t be encouraged to unlearn any of your hard won technique, but rather to expand the ways of gently altering thrown forms.  We will start with drinking vessels and bowls before moving on to larger and slightly more complex forms.

Course cost: $665   Supply fee: $2      STUDENT SUPPLY LIST

Tuition costs include lunch and daily snacks. All prices are in Canadian Dollars and are inclusive of applicable taxes.


STEVEN HILL has a BFA from Kansas State University and has been a studio potter since 1975. Although he is probably more known for his sprayed and layered glazing work and his fairly recent conversion to ^6-8 electric firing, he considers form the most important aspect of his work. His pottery is exhibited and sold in nationally juried shows and is featured in many ceramics books. He has conducted over 300 workshops throughout the United States and Canada and has written ten ceramics articles for Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. In 1998 Steven co-founded Red Star Studios in Kansas City, MO and co-founded Center Street Clay in Sandwich, IL in 2006. Currently Steven is doing what he does best… Making pots, writing about ceramics, teaching workshops and letting someone else take care of business!


This waitlist is now closed.

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Handbuilding Pots for the Table

What is missing from your kitchen that you have always wanted? A platter to serve guests? A bowl for berries?

This workshop is for clay artists of all levels of experience.

Participants will spend the week exploring a multitude of ways to hand build tableware; bowls, cups, plates, pitchers, platters, butter dishes and more, all without the use of a potter’s wheel.

Don’t you wish you had a good fish platter, or a tall vase, or perhaps a set of sushi plates? You name it, we will try to make it. Participants will use terra cotta clay and colorful under glazes, slips and stains to embellish their pieces. There’s a cornucopia of decorative techniques to explore.

Your aesthetic will dictate the look; be it classic or crazy, wild or sublime. After the pieces are fired in both bisk and glaze firings, they are beautiful and safe to use for food and drink.


Course fee: $665    Supply fee: TBD



Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.


JAN EDWARDS has been making pots and tiles and teaching Ceramics for around 40 years. After an education in the fine arts, design and Art History, Jan learned to make pots at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado and has mostly been working with clay ever since.  Her work has evolved into combining her love of design, painting, drawing and color with clay work.  Architectural Tile work is especially good for exploring the many ways of putting line, pattern and color on clay.

At home in Portland, Oregon, Jan regularly teaches ceramics at Mt Hood Community College and the Multnomah Art Center.  She especially loves traveling, teaching workshops, and has taught In Mexico, Italy, Canada and many locations around the US.

In her sweet solar studio Jan, works mostly making pots for the table, paintings and drawings on clay and on paper, and custom tile Installations.











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Block Printing and Surface Design on Fabric

This workshop will guide students through the process of block-printing on fabric.  Students will learn about creating designs, carving blocks, and the process of printing simple repeat patterns. They will explore a variety of techniques from ombre rolls, two-coloured designs, resist, jigsaw prints and collagraph techniques. They will learn how to off-set print and how to register stamps so that printed fabric has a professional look. Participants will take inspiration from the natural environment as well as learn about abstract design and colour theory.

All classes run from 9 – 4 pm daily. Studios are also open after hours.

Course fee: $665   Supply fee: $17 

Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes. 


MO HAMILTON is a printmaker, textile artist, mixed-medium painter and teacher. Recurring symbols and motifs show up in her work such as houses, trees, plants, birds and natural elements. Often she is drawn to her studio by an idea or agenda that needs to express itself only to find that the process takes over and intuition leads the way. Presently Mo is exploring block-printing on fabric as well as working on an ongoing longer printmaking project called The 100 Houses Project. In Mo’s 100 Houses Project she explores the house as symbol for expressing the changes humans experience in their lifetimes. Mo has lived in many communities across BC including Summerland, Malcolm Island, Victoria, Castlegar, and Terrace, but now she resides in Prince George. The creation of art has provided consistency through the transitions she has made in both time and place, in soul and in heart, as a child, woman, partner, and mother. Her creations can be found in galleries and private collections throughout BC.



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Organic Sculpting: Felting Inspired by Nature

Through creative processes outside in the natural environment, this workshop provides an experimental approach to felting organic forms through sculptural felting.  Daily time spent outside observing, reflecting, collecting and sketching in nature will provide inspiration for sculptural forms made from wool using felting processes.  Beginning with small introductory works and moving on to more ambitious series of sculptures, this workshop is appropriate for beginners and those with more felting experience. Topics include image development through observation and sketching from nature, armature building with wool, surface coverage, decoration, elaboration, linear work and felting around natural forms.  No experience necessary.

All classes run from 9 – 4 pm each day. Classroom studio hours are open before and after hours.

Course cost: $665     Supply fee: $50 

Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes.


CONNIE MICHELE MOREY is an artist working with sculpture, textiles, book arts and creative and critical writing.  She is active in community-based practice and has exhibited and presented in Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and Portugal.  In addition to practicing art, Connie also works as an art consultant and publishes creative and critical writing.   She holds a BFA in Visual Arts, an M.Ed. in Art Education and in 2016 completed a PhD that merged creative writing and studio practice to look at imagination as a collaborative experience.  As one of the co-founders of arc.hive, an artist-run centre focused on facilitating collaborations between artists, writers and performers, Connie is active as a curator and arts consultant, focusing on social practice, community engagement and the arts, in addition to teaching part-time at the University of Victoria and Vancouver Island School of Art.


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Free-form Basket Weaving using Traditional Techniques

In this workshop students will learn the basic weaving techniques for making ribbed baskets and bowls using reeds, sea grass and bittersweet vines. These techniques were brought over from Europe to North America by the settlers. First, the students will implement weaving skills for traditional baskets and bowls. Then, students will use their imagination to create a free form bowl using bittersweet vines for the structure.  All levels welcome.

Course cost: $665  Supply fee: $140 (includes all needed weaving materials)

Tuition includes lunches and daily snacks. Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and are inclusive of all applicable taxes. 

 TINE PUCKETT,  a master weaver, is a self-taught artist who has been weaving since 1981. Her imagination and sense of color has influenced her to create contemporary sculptural art forms that are indescribably dynamic and colorful. Tina is influenced by natural materials grown locally in the northwest corner of Connecticut. Her favorite is bittersweet. The character of this vine dictates to her what form a basket or sculpture shall take. In addition, Tina mixes her own dyes. Her strong sense of color shows in the subtle use of dyed reeds to effect a more exquisite piece. Ultimately, a bit of “love” slips into the weaving of each piece . . . never to be retrieved.

Tina's works have been exhibited at museums, art galleries, libraries and craft shows — including the Slater Mill Museum in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and the Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2003 in Korea, where Tina won the Honorable Mention award in basketry.



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