The MISSA 2024 Summer Arts Program runs July 12 – 26 at Shawnigan Lake School.

MISSA has a reputation for offering transformational learning experiences through instruction by a local, national and international faculty of practicing artists. Courses are designed for professional artists, teachers and adult art students. Participants have options to commute or stay on campus, see Accommodation page for more details.

Course fees include a daily lunch and material fees are unique to each course. Breakfast and dinner are included in the accommodation cost. Courses run 9 am – 4 pm each day. You can take one course or back-to-back courses. Plan your summer and enjoy the many offerings at MISSA!


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook has all you need to know about your time at MISSA and a hard copy will be provided to you when you check-in.

A day in the life of a MISSA student:

  • Breakfast* 7:30 am – 8:30 am  (included in accommodation fees)
  • Classes 9 – 4 pm daily
  • Lunch 12 – 1
  • Dinner* 6 – 7 pm  (included in accommodation fees)
  • Evening: Studios are open until 11 pm

Meals served on campus:

Daily lunch is shared by all MISSA participants in the grand Marion Hall.

Hot meal options are self-serve in the  cafeteria-style kitchen.  At lunch and dinner, there is always a salad bar, offering plentiful leafy greens, complex salads (beans, lentils ) along with various salad toppings and dressings. During mealtimes, there is a beverage selection of coffee, tea and juice.

Breakfast and dinner are available to those who are staying on campus and the cost is included in the accommodation package.

For those with food allergies, like gluten free or a potential anaphylaxis reaction, please make a note in your MISSA registration form so that we can let the kitchen know. To receive your specific food, you will have to ask a kitchen staff person, because your food will not be visible with the main meal.

We are required to self-bus our tables, so used dishes need to be returned to the kitchen. There is a garbage and an option for composting food scraps.

The Shawnigan campus is busy in the summer and during mealtimes, Marion Hall will be shared with sports groups, kids camps and Shawnigan staff. Marion Hall is grand and there is space for everyone! It lives up to its nickname, “Hogwarts”.

Campus Activities

Bring your walking shoes, binoculars, camera, bike, yoga mat! There are many options to explore the campus and its surrounding forest and lakefront.

  • Walk the forest trails on campus
  • Go for a swim in the lake or relax on the Shawnigan lakefront dock (use at your own risk as there is no lifeguard on duty)
  • Enjoy a creative retreat experience on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Always remember to be safe when exploring the area. Hike with a buddy. Be on the lookout for wildlife!