MISSA is all about the magic that happens when like-spirited folks who love art and the creative process gather together. View the calendar below for workshop dates, times and special events where students and faculty have the opportunity to connect, make art and socialize over the 2 weeks. Remember to browse to the bottom of this page!

Every year, the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA) has recognized a member of the arts community who, through the calibre of their work and commitment, have made a significant difference to the growth and development of arts and culture in British Columbia.



The following have been recognized by MISSA as Ambassadors of the Arts: 

Jack ShadboltMyfanwy PavelicJack WiseMurray Adaskin | Carole Sabiston, O.B.C. | Rosita Tovell | Mavor Moore | Colin Graham | Fran Willis | PK Page | Bill West | Pat Martin-BatesWalter Dexter | Lorna Crozier, O.C. | Patrick LaneNorman Yates | The Newman Family: Victor, Edith, Marion and Carey | Martin SeggerValdyRobin Hopper, O.C., R.C.A | Shelagh Rogers | William Zuk | Gary Karr | Susan A. Point, O.C

Don’t miss these very popular evening presentations that are open to MISSA students and the public alike! Visiting MISSA instructors have an opportunity to share about the work that they do. They share photos and anecdotes along with tricks of the trade and their talent is always inspiring.

MISSA Talks start at 7:15 pm in the Max Bell Hall on the Pearson College campus on Monday and Tuesday evenings only. Donations are gratefully accepted and go towards the MISSA bursary program.

Speakers subject to change. Please check back frequently.

Monday June 24 @ 7:15 pm

1.    David Shkolny – Edmonton, Alberta – Vibrant Landscape in Pastel
2.    Kathy Johnson – Connecticut – Eco-Printing: Revealing Nature’s Hidden Magic  
3.    Tony Bounsall –  Victoria – Encaustics & Mixed Media
4.    Terri Bibby –  Saltspring Island – SAORI Weaving: Weaving Without Boundaries
5.    Sunshine Cobb – Montana – Handbuilding: Tips & Tricks

Tuesday June 25 @ 7:15 pm

  1. Don Farrell – Qualicum, BC –  Mentored Residency
  2.  Mo Hamilton – Prince George, BC –  Block Printing & Surface Design on Fabric 
  3. Joe Batt – Olympia, Washington –  Narrative Clay Sculpture
  4.  Bryony Wynne-Jones – Victoria, BC – Magic At Our Feet: A Botanical Notebook
  5.  Cathi Jefferson – Duncan, BC –  Atmospheric Immersion: Soda Firing                                                    

Monday July 1 @ 7:15 pm

  1.     Ellen Statz – Campbell River, BC – RAKU: Mud, Fire & Smoke
  2.    Sara Robichaud – Nanaimo, BC – Contemporary Painting
  3.    Richard Burkett  – San Diego, California – Amazed & Glazed
  4.   Mario A. Robinson – Point Pleasant, New Jersey –  Painting a Portrait in Watercolour
  5.   Miles Lowry  – Victoria, BC – Letters From The Trees: The School of Ogham 

Tuesday July 2 @ 7:15 pm

1.    Conner Burns  –  Natchez, Mississippi –  Throwing & Altering Clay Vessels
2.   Connie Michele Morey – Victoria, BC – The Book As Art
3.    Jeremy Randall – Tully, New York – Handbuilding: Slabs & Templates
4.    Dani Ives – Rogers, Arkansas – Painting With Wool
5.    Dan Welden –  Sag Harbour, New York – Solarplates: Monoprinting in the Sun


Details coming soon!


Student Art

This is an opportunity to take home a piece of your fellow participants’ artwork. MISSA students generously donate a piece of their own artwork and a draw is made at the end of each week. There will be a draw made on each Sunday, so that the weekend students can participate as well. Tickets are available by donation. Just another way to take home a piece of MISSA magic!


A highlight every year is to pick up your very own “MISSA mug” to enjoy a beverage while you are on campus. There are so many sizes and designs to choose from!  The mugs are a great memento of your time at MISSA and they make wonderful gifts too. The mugs are donated by past and present students and the money raised goes directly to the MISSA Ceramics Program.


There is a merchandise table that operates during MISSA that offers a range of items for sale including aprons, tote bags, t-shirts, zip- hoodies and sweatshirts. A sign will be posted with store hours.