MISSA is all about the magic that happens when like-spirited folks who love art and the creative process gather together. View the special events listed below where students, faculty and guests, have the opportunity to connect, create and socialize over the 2 weeks. Remember to browse to the very bottom of this page!

MISSA 2023 Summer Arts Program: July 14 – 28 

at Shawnigan Lake School

Keeping the Magic Alive! MISSA's Grand Summer Auction


This Grand Summer Auction will run on-line, through the month of July and will end at the Celebration of the Arts Gala on July 28.

Thank you for supporting MISSA and the arts!

Your donations are greatly appreciated!




An auction link will be made available through 32Auctions starting July 1, 2023 at 9 am. If you wish to participate in any bidding, you will need to be registered with 32Auctions.

A few highlights of this auction process:

  1.  You do not have to be present to be the highest bidder, but you do need to create an account with 32 Auctions to participate.
  2.  There is an option to bid by proxy (where you set the highest bit you are willing to pay and the auction site automatically bids for you).
  3.  If you have the highest bid, you will automatically be sent an on-line invoice to pay for your item(s) through Stripe or Paypal.
  4. For those that like the competition of bidding (and to avoid friendly jostling with pen in hand) the pieces that have active bidding will have the deadline extended past 8 pm.  The bidding will close when there is no bidding for a period of 3 minutes.

You will be able to view donated items in person during the MISSA Summer Program. Some items will only be able to be be viewed on-line. For those items that are on-line only, arrangements can be made to have the item shipped by the donating artist. Please see description for details as some items will include shipping and for others, the shipping will need to be paid for by the buyer.

This is sure to be a Grand event!

OPEN HOUSE Studio Tour (Self-led)

Check out what is happening on the Shawnigan Lake Campus on Saturday nights during the MISSA Summer Program.

Open House Studio Tour – Self-led and free to the public. Start at Marion Hall and then check out the exciting studio set-ups!

  • Saturday July 15 (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)
  • Saturday July 22 (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)







To see the pathways more clearly, download pdf of campus map.

MISSA Talks - Evening Presentations by Visiting Instructors

Back by popular demand, MISSA TALKS will be returning to the stage and will take place in the beautiful campus Chapel.

These presentations take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings (starting at 7:15 pm) and are presented by our 5-day MISSA instructors. These evenings are open to MISSA students and the general public and are a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talented artists that teach at MISSA.

A schedule of presenters will be posted closer the start of the Summer Program.

  • Monday, July 17
  • Tuesday, July 18
  • Monday, July 24
  • Tuesday, July 25

These evenings are free to the public but any donations collected at the door will go towards the MISSA Bursary Program.

Ceramics Fundraiser - "Just Dessert"

**UPDATE** Thursday, July 20

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  In the Ritz courtyard (in the Shawnigan admin building)

Live music!
Local ice-cream!
Top your own sundaes!
Take home a ceramic bowl!

Cash bar! (7-8:30 pm)

For more information and for tickets, (coming soon!):  Ceramics Just  Dessert Fundraiser

**If you are interested in donating a ceramic bowl (or two!) to this ceramic fundraiser, please  fill out the donation form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


This ceramic bowl fundraiser has been happening at MISSA for many years and started as “Gumbo Night” an evening outside by the soda kiln at our Pearson College location, where gumbo was served in ceramic bowls. In 2022, in our new location at Shawnigan Lake School, this ceramics fundraiser changed to the “Chow-Down” and chowder was served in bread bowls.  A draw was made and participants won some bowls that were donated. In 2023, we are going to switch to serving ice-cream in waffle bowls with a donated bowl for each participant. Thank you for participating in this sure to be fun evening activity!

Summer Program Fundraising

Student Art

This is an opportunity to take home a piece of your fellow participants’ artwork. Items in all artistic mediums are welcome! MISSA students generously donate a piece of their own artwork and ticket draws are made on the last day of each of the 2-day  and 5-day  sessions (weekend students can participate too!).  Tickets are available at MISSA Central or in the Marion Hall during meal times.  This draw is just another way to take home a piece of MISSA magic!


A highlight every year is to pick up your very own “MISSA mug” to enjoy a beverage while you are on campus. There are so many sizes and designs to choose from!  The mugs are a great memento of your time at MISSA and they make wonderful gifts too. The mugs are donated by past and present students and the money raised goes directly to the MISSA Ceramics Program.

**If you are interested in donating a mug(or two!) to this ceramic fundraiser, please fill out the donation form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


MISSA Central is the place of information for all things MISSA and the buy awesome merchandise! There is a range of items for sale including aprons, tote bags, t-shirts, zip- hoodies and sweatshirts. A sign will be posted with store hours.

Bursary Books

A new and popular opportunity during the MISSA Summer Program is the sale of donated art books for bursaries. Browse through a wide selection of books on all topics of art and art history including a selection of art magazines. If you have any books you would like to donate, you can bring them with you or you can contact the MISSA Office to make arrangements for pick up or drop off in the Victoria area.

Celebration of the Arts Gala - Connections and Community

UPDATE** Friday, July 28, last day of the MISSA Summer Program

5:30 pm Happy Hour (cash bar until 7:30pm)
6:30 pm Dinner
7:15 pm Presentations – Ambassador of the Arts award
8:00 pm Grand Auction closes

For more information and for tickets, (coming soon!):   Celebration of the Arts! Connections in our Community

Ambassador of the Arts Award

Every year, MISSA has recognized a member of the arts community who, through the calibre of their work and commitment, have made a significant difference to the growth and development of arts and culture in British Columbia.

Ambassadors of the Arts

The following have been recognized by MISSA as Ambassadors of the Arts: 

Jack ShadboltMyfanwy PavelicJack WiseMurray Adaskin | Carole Sabiston, O.B.C. | Rosita Tovell | Mavor Moore | Colin Graham | Fran Willis | PK Page | Bill West | Pat Martin-BatesWalter Dexter | Lorna Crozier, O.C. | Patrick LaneNorman Yates | The Newman Family: Victor, Edith, Marion and Carey | Martin SeggerValdyRobin Hopper, O.C., R.C.A | Shelagh Rogers | William Zuk | Gary Karr | Susan A. Point, O.C | Sheryl MacKay