Instructor Workshops-2018
Instructor Workshops-2017
Alain Costaz Alumigraph Printmaking
Andrea Sirois Light & Composition: Exploring the Natural Landscape
Bob Kingsmill Handbuilding Masks and Functional Objects
Danielle Pope Creative Writing: Practice on the Page
Deborah Thompson Painting With Two Minds: A Process Workshop
Don Taylor Crucial Boxes: 4 Functional Forms
Ginny Conrow Porcelain Throwing & Altering
Heather Spears Life Drawing
Jeannette Sirois Traditional & Non-Traditional Drawing Techniques
Judith Kruger Abstract Alchemy: Black, White and Warm Metallics
Julie Paul Nature Meets Nuture: Creative Writing from Setting, Samples & Senses
Laurie Steffler Dye-Painting on Nuno Felt
Mitch Lyons Printing with Coloured Clay
Natasha Smith Collage Painting: Visual Storytelling
Pat Beaton The Relief Print in Colour
Susan Low-Beer Mentored Studio Residency
Instructor Workshops 2016
Susan Low-Beer Mentored Studio Residency
Andrea Sirois Patterns in Nature/Photography
Mary Fox Throwing/ Fine Form
Sarah Pike Slabs with Texture
Judy Weeden Surface Decorations
Wendy Skog Aspects of Abstraction
Lisa Geddes Find your Mark/Drawing
Julie Paul Throwing your Voice
James Watkins Throwing for Alternative Firings
Sarah Pike The Fab Slab
Pauline Conley Beyond Representation
Jeremy Herndle Becoming Landscape/Plein Air
Shary Bartlett Encaustic Mixed Media
Michelle Sirois Silver Textile/Mixed Media
Julia Lowther Jewelry/Rings
Ying-Yueh Chuang Hybrid Sculpture
Ellen Statz Light Your Fire Raku
Kathleen Raven Sculpture
Loren Lukens Handles, Feet & Additions
Laura McKibbon Printing On Clay
Clive Powsey Sketching In Watercolour
Maria Josenhans Field Studies/Acrylic/Oil
Victoria Edgarr Copper Plate Etching
Samantha DaSilva Art marketing
Steven Hill Finding Your Voice / Clay
Jan Edwards Handbuilding for the table
Alan Burgess Decorating and Firing
Samantha DaSilva Fearless Abstract
Lori Sokoluk Watercoulr/Mixed Media
Pat Beaton Lino & Woodblock
Janna Vallee Shibori, Indigo & Natural Dyes