2019 Workshops

. RICHARD BURKETT Amazed & Glazed
JEAN BRADBURY Animals & Botanicals & Metallic Leaf
. CATHI JEFFERSON Atmospheric Immersion: Soda Firing
MO HAMILTON Block Printing & Surface Design on Fabric
HEATHER MIDORI YAMADA Contemplative Mind | Spontaneous Brush
. ANDY LOU Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting
. SARA ROBICHAUD Contemporary Painting
GERA SCOTT CHANDLER Crackled 3D Effects with Polymer Clay
LINDA DOHERTY Creative Extrusions
KATHY JOHNSON Eco-Printing: Revealing Nature’s Hidden Magic
TONY BOUNSALL Encaustics & Mixed Media
NANCY WESLEY Fantastical Creatures: 3D Needle Felting
. JOAN CARRIGAN Fine Twined Vessels
. TODD Giihlgiigaa DEVRIES Haida Weaving: A Cedar Bark Basket
. JEREMY RANDALL Handbuilding: Slabs & Templates
. SUNSHINE COBB Handbuilding: Tips & Tricks
HEATHER SPEARS Intensive Lifedrawing & the Hand
. MILES LOWRY Letters from the Trees: The School of Ogham
. EUNMI CONACHER Letting it Go! Abstract Painting
. JEREMY HERNDL Looking is Touching: Plein Air Painting
. BRYONY WYNNE-JONES Magic At Our Feet: A Botanical Notebook
DON FARRELL Mentored Residency
CHERYL JACOBS Metal In All Its Glory
. JOE BATT Narrative Clay Sculpture
. MARIO A. ROBINSON Painting a Portrait in Watercolour
. LORI GOLDBERG Painting Towards Abstraction
DANI IVES Painting with Wool
. CLIVE TUCKER Perfecting The Teapot
MARNEY-ROSE EDGE Pet Portraits in Watercolour
. ELLEN STATZ RAKU: Mud, Fire & Smoke
. TERRI BIBBY SAORI Weaving: Weaving Without Boundaries
. TINA FYFE Sculpture using Mesh & Slips
. SAMANTHA DICKIE Sizing Up in Clay
DAN WELDEN Solarplates: Monoprinting in the Sun
LAURA van der LINDE SURFACE: Clay as Canvas
. CONNER BURNS Throwing & Altering Clay Vessels
PETER LOEBEL Urban Sketching with Ink & Watercolour
DAVID SHKOLNY Vibrant Landscape in Pastel
. RICHARD TETRAULT What a Relief! Colour Relief Printmaking
. SUSAN ANDREWS GRACE Writing Through Doubt


2018 Workshops

Instructor   Workshops-2018
. Natalie Grambow Art Cloths: Works on Canvas
. PYX SUTHERLAND The Contemplative Brush
. Rachelle Chinnery Exploring an Aesthetic
. Sandra Dolph Ceramic Tiles: Seascape/Landscape/Cityscape
. WANDA SHUM Millefiori Magic: Patterned Veneers & their Application
Adam Field Nature Tradition: Cultivating Inspirations in Clay
Alain Costaz Intaglio Printmaking with Tetrapaks
Alan Burgess Fun! Soda Firing
Alan Burgess Throwing: A Traditional Approach to Clay
Allan Mandell Garden Photography with a Zen Twist
Angela Pistrucci Bas Relief Sculpture for Ceramics and Multimedia Artists
Barb Round Zentangle™ – Basics and Beyond
Bill Horne Low-Tech Screen Printing
Bob St. Cyr Pinhole Photography & Cyanotype Prints
Carol Gouthro Exuberant Clay: Exploring Form
Chris Snedden A Sense of Narrative: Image Transfer Techniques on Clay
Curtis Golomb Pushing the Boundaries of Watercolour
DANI IVES Painting with Wool
DAVID HATFIELD The Singing Soul: Improvisational A Cappella
Danielle Pope Practice on the Page: Five-Day Writing Intensive
Debra Sloan Clay Sculpture: Starting from a Cylinder
Gail Sibley Pastel Painting En Plein Air
Hanahlie Beise Introduction to Natural Dyes
Heather Aston Monotypes: The Painterly Print
Heather Spears Life Drawing Intensive
JEAN BRADBURY Botanicals with Acrylic and Metallic Leaf
Jeannette Sirois Coloured Pencil & Mixed Media Techniques
Joyce Kline Charcoal Noir: Creating Compelling Visual Narratives
Judith Kruger Abstract Alchemy: Black, White and Warm Metallics
Julia Lowther Knots, Slots & Boxes: Rings that do Tricks
MO HAMILTON Block Printing and Surface Design on Fabric
Marney McDiarmid Ceramic Design: Working with Templates
Michelle Miller Abstraction in Acrylic (UPDATED)
Nancy Slaght Mixing It Up: Mixed Media Explorations
RENÉE DUVAL The Painter’s Process
STEVEN HILL Throwing Relaxed, Gestural Forms
TERRI BIBBY SAORI Weaving: Weaving without Boundaries
TONY BOUNSALL Mixed Media Encaustics
Victoria Christen Surface Decoration & Coloured Slips

2017 Workshops

Instructor Workshops 2017
Alain Costaz Alumigraph Printmaking
Andrea Sirois Light & Composition: Exploring the Natural Landscape
Bob Kingsmill Handbuilding Masks and Functional Objects
Bruce Cochrane Throwing/Altering
Carol Rae Lino cuts
Chiarina Loggia Monotype Magic
Danielle Pope Creative Writing: Practice on the Page
David Shkolny Introduction to soft pastels
Elaine Brewer White Sculptures
Elena Underhill Experience Travel Sketching
Ginny Conrow Porcelain Throwing & Altering
Gordon Hutchens Glazes and Firing
Heather Spears Life Drawing
John A Day Plein air painting
Judith Kruger Abstract Alchemy: Black, White and Warm Metallics
Julie Paul Nature Meets Nuture: Creative Writing from Setting, Samples & Senses
Lori Sokoluk Expressive Mark-making
Louise Solecki Weir Sculpture in Ceramics
Margaret Bohls Expressive Handbuilding
Marney McDiarmid Porcelain bowls and soft slab construction
Marney-Rose Edge Watercolor Florals
Matthew Long Throwing/Firing
Mitch Lyons Printing with Coloured Clay
Natasha Smith Collage Painting: Visual Storytelling
Pat Beaton The Relief Print in Colour
Rick Wiebe Introduction to Woodcarving
Samantha Dickie Paper Plaster Mold Making
Vince Pitelka Handbuilding: tricks of the trade

Instructor Workshops 2016
Susan Low-Beer Mentored Studio Residency
Andrea Sirois Patterns in Nature/Photography
Mary Fox Throwing/ Fine Form
Sarah Pike Slabs with Texture
Judy Weeden Surface Decorations
Wendy Skog Aspects of Abstraction
Lisa Geddes Find your Mark/Drawing
Julie Paul Throwing your Voice
James Watkins Throwing for Alternative Firings
Sarah Pike The Fab Slab
Pauline Conley Beyond Representation
Jeremy Herndle Becoming Landscape/Plein Air
Shary Bartlett Encaustic Mixed Media
Michelle Sirois Silver Textile/Mixed Media
Julia Lowther Jewelry/Rings
Ying-Yueh Chuang Hybrid Sculpture
Ellen Statz Light Your Fire Raku
Kathleen Raven Sculpture
Loren Lukens Handles, Feet & Additions
Laura McKibbon Printing On Clay
Clive Powsey Sketching In Watercolour
Maria Josenhans Field Studies/Acrylic/Oil
Victoria Edgarr Copper Plate Etching
Samantha DaSilva Art marketing
Steven Hill Finding Your Voice / Clay
Jan Edwards Handbuilding for the table
Alan Burgess Decorating and Firing
Samantha DaSilva Fearless Abstract
Lori Sokoluk Watercoulr/Mixed Media
Pat Beaton Lino & Woodblock
Janna Vallee Shibori, Indigo & Natural Dyes