Expressive Ink

Learn to create expressive art with simple pen, ink brush and watercolour.

Students will explore a variety of traditional cross-hatching, and sketching, as well as more illustrative techniques, combining line and textural ink application with a limited use of watercolour. Students will learn the importance of line weight, depth, and the basic principles of drawing a human face, in order to be able to stylize form in their unique approach. Subjects include creating drawings of people, still-life, as well as landscapes.  Open to painters from intermediate to advanced.

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Heavy Band Rings: Flush Set & File Work

Bring sparkle and texture to your jewellery work! First, you will learn to wrestle thick pieces of metal into smooth pleasing bands, and then learn to embellish them with the endlessly varied possibilities of “file work” – giving movement and dimension to the flat surfaces. Brighten up your results even further by adding to your repertoire the techniques of both flush setting and tube setting faceted stones in sterling silver.

Stones, burs, drills, and other tools are included in the materials kit along with sterling silver wire, sheet, and tubing.

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Brush Dance | Line Dance

This workshop explores the power and the dynamic tradition of the brush. The possibilities of this rewarding tool for experimentation and contemplation will be the focus of the course.

Participants will create their own unique brush language by using the breath to support spontaneous mark making. A series of experimental ink exercises will combine innovative brush making with an exploration of paper surface. Every participant will be provided with an eclectic collection of materials. All studio sessions will include hands on demonstrations.

The course will include collage, assemblage, artist books, banners, cards, and paper installations. Participants will have opportunities to reflect on insights gained through repetition of asemic scripts and mandala practice. Inspiration will also be drawn from the remarkable and enduring legacy of the artists of the North West Coast Calligraphic tradition.

There will be time devoted to ‘greening’ your practice and ways of integrating mixed media techniques into finished projects on both panel and canvas.

All levels are welcomed particularly in the spirit of Shoshin. This is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning ‘beginner’s mind’. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

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Rug Hooking: More Than Pulling Loops

Bring new life to textiles and learn to design a rug using old t-shirts.  In this two-day workshop, Sheila will discuss the factors involved in designing and hooking a rug that will bring years of enjoyment.  The first day will focus on the types of fabrics that can be used in hooking rugs and different methods of cutting the fabric, as well as designing  a rug.  This will include the purpose, sources of inspiration, styles, copyright issues, drawing and current technology to help with the design.  The second day will be spent hooking the rug that will include a review of basic rug hooking techniques, color planning (making colors “pop”), methods of cutting t-shirts and finishing techniques.  Students will hook with coloured t-shirts available from second-hand or thrift shops.

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PRINTMAKING: The Relief Print

Explore colourful relief printmaking in the Floating Studio on Pedder Bay. We will draw inspiration from the surrounding forest pathways, shorelines and interesting biology specimens ranging from a hummingbird’s feather to whalebones.
Every morning we will begin with a new drawing exercise that will have us closely observing our environment. The process of drawing will reveal to us the details, shapes and patterns that are found in natural forms. The drawings generated in these morning sessions will then be our images for carving our blocks and making relief prints.
Each of the 5 days we will bring into play a new approach to the relief print in linoleum, rubber and wood. We will cover carving techniques, multiple block colour prints, reduction prints, jigsaw prints, inking styles, registration for multiple colours, and various ways to print your images by hand or with the studio printmaking press.
Through the process of observation, experiencing, drawing, carving and printing you will find yourself more closely engaged with the beautiful coastal environment. You will also develop a sound knowledge of relief printmaking and will have a nice suite of prints that you have created.
Individual exploration is happily encouraged and supported in this process-focused program.
All levels of experience are welcome.

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MIXED MEDIA: The Unconventional Sketchbook

Cultivate a rich sketchbook practice and build your personal creativity through the exploration of a wide range of media and materials. This course will delve into the purpose of a sketchbook: to reflect, record, develop and express ideas. You will be shown how to work with chosen themes, gather source material and develop creative visual ideas. You will learn how to utilize line, tone, colour, texture, image and pattern within your sketchbook ideas, and to manipulate a variety of mark making media, papers, inks, paints and dyes using both conventional and unconventional approaches.

Mornings will be spent outdoors working on location collecting imagery through exploratory drawings and studies in our sketchbooks, using materials such as graphite pencils, pens, charcoal, pen and ink.

In the afternoons we will be in the studio developing the drawings, working with various media to develop images through transfer printing, stencils, gouache resists, raised pattern roller prints, mark making and collage. The final works in the sketchbook can be seen as preparation for a larger scale works or as finished piece in itself. There will be critiques at the end of each day to reflect and discuss work and to create connections with your creative practice.

This course is for those who enjoy experimentation and process and are seeking to develop their own visual language.

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Clay as Canvas

There are endless methods for decorating clay and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of this medium. In this five day workshop the student will investigate a myriad of creative decorative techniques. With consideration of the surface, colour, balance, texture, pattern and design, students will construct a vocabulary of personalized forms and imagery that work with the individual’s aesthetics. A combination of greenware and bisque pieces will be our canvas. Techniques such as slip trailing, mono-type, sgraffito, mishima, carving, stamping, staining and inlay are a few on the menu.

Functional hand built forms will be constructed with the emphasis on form, surface, and pattern interplay. This is a workshop for all levels and the student should bring their ability to experiment with their ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be an early bisque firing, but finished work will not be fired at MISSA.

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THE CONTEMPLATIVE EYE: Arranging Nature as Subject

Experience the natural world with freshness. The stillness of short meditations relax the mind and body to better access a ‘contemplative eye’ and foster spontaneous action. Inspired by our natural surroundings we will simplify our painterly gestures in pencil, watercolour crayon or chalk pastel. Quick studies will be expanded in studio projects on Japanese washi papers and/or Arches in mixed media means. Students may continue primarily in watercolour and ink, or acrylics, towards abstract or naturalistic imagery.

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A SPECIAL PLACE: Handbuilding Houses

This workshop will focus on explorations of special places, using the house as a starting point. Students will watch Susan create one of her unique houses and then make their own house or structure. They will also apply low fire glaze and underglaze to the greenware to prepare for sawdust firing or another firing method of their choice. The primitive fire options for these pieces will be discussed so that students can experiment at home. Enjoy Susan’s fun relaxed teaching style as she encourages all to share ideas and techniques.

PLEASE NOTE: Work made in this class will not be fired at MISSA, but Susan will discuss firing options for students after they return home.

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Creative Extruding

Get the most out of your extruder. During this 5 day hands on workshop students will explore the extruder’s unique capability to add variety and creativity to their work. The emphasis will be on altering extrusions and combining with hand-built and thrown elements. Students will have the use of a Bailey System 3 power extruder, a Scott Creek extruder plus a hand held extruder. A large assortment of dies will be available for extruding. Turn hollow extrusions into jugs, semi-circles into olive dishes and extruded strips into baking dishes. Suitable for all skill levels. Throwing experience is helpful but not necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Work made in this class will not be fired at MISSA.

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