Throwing & Altering Clay Vessels

July 1 - 5


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Throwing & Altering Clay Vessels

WEEK TWO (5-day): July 1 – 5, 2019   Classes run from 9am-4pm daily and students are welcome to stay late in their studio.

Throwing & Altering Clay Vessels

Form, function, and aesthetics are all important when creating clay vessels. A balance of these components work together to enhance the process of creating well-designed vessels of clay as well as leading to well-executed artwork (finished artwork).

Conner will throw and alter a variety of forms (and add slab components to many) to create the specific aesthetic that he desires. He will demonstrate and discuss related topics during this process – which will include aesthetics, philosophy, design, influences, technical issues and business practices. The atmosphere is relaxed and questions/discussions are encouraged.

The format of the workshop will be demonstration of forms/techniques by Conner, followed by participants engaging in hands-on work as Conner assists individuals with these specific forms/techniques. Participants are welcome to practice the demonstrated technique or to alter the techniques to fit their specific aesthetic. Conner will help each participant in the manner most useful to the participant.

The workshop will progress daily as the forms created on day-one will be added to and altered as the week progresses. Specific components are added to the multi-component pieces as the vessel develops. These processes will include throwing, pulling, adding, altering and trimming of wheel-thrown and slab components.

During the entire workshop Conner will discuss technical, aesthetic and structural components of his art as well as his method of firing (single-firing) and glazing in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Workshop level: Intermediate / Advanced (must be able to center and pull a one pound cylinder)


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  • COURSE COST: $681 (Inclusive of $681 tuition and $tbd for additional material fees.)

Tuition includes daily lunch and snacks.  Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and are inclusive of all applicable taxes. An accommodation package is available in QUAD or DOUBLE occupancy and includes breakfast and dinner. Click here for further details.

Conner Burns

It was not the theatre or museums he visited during his childhood, but the art that filled his childhood home, that produced his feeling that ‘art is part of life rather than simply entertainment’.

Conner’s father made pottery and eventually Conner started himself. He then helped open Red Star Studios with Steven Hill, established his personal studio and gallery in Natchez, Mississippi, founded Natchez Clay, exhibited at art festivals across the nation and founded the Natchez Project. Conner teaches a limited number of workshops at select locations and focuses his attention on creating art.

Rich subtleties and organic influences are important in his art. Conner’s intention is for his work to look as if it grew that way – rather than being ‘made’. Texture, both visual and tactile, are components that are used to encourage the user to take a closer look – to reach out and touch.

Conner Burns is a studio artist in Natchez, Mississippi.



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Classes are open to students at least 19 years of age at the start of their registered workshop


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