Low-Tech Screen Printing

June 25, 2018 - June 29


Low-Tech Screen Printing

Screen printing can be used to make fine art prints, cards, posters, shirts, signs, banners or stickers – just about anything that’s flat! This hands-on course will introduce a variety of techniques using water based inks and low-tech stencils such as hand-cut wax paper, resists, and sunlight-exposed photo emulsion.

Print runs will be short and in small formats in order to maximize the available time and to try out multi-colour registration methods. Participants will print in pairs for efficiency and the focus will be on simple methods that one can use in a home studio, without an expensive investment in equipment.

In order to present the widest possible range of methods, the learning process will be more important than attempts to produce flawless finished editions. Experimentation can lead to creative insights, so participants can expect to discover new imagery, compositions and transformations.

Classes run 9 – 4 pm each day. Students are welcome to work in the studio after hours.

Fewer solvents and toxic chemicals are used in water based printing than with oil based inks. However, if anyone is pregnant or has severe allergies, please let MISSA know.

Course cost:  $665         Supply fee: $15

Tuition includes lunches and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes. 


Video: Music courtesy of Art Napoleon from “Creeland Covers”

BILL HORNE was born in Vancouver and studied painting and drawing at the Banff Centre, and film animation at UBC. He works primarily in silkscreen, as well as Painter®, sculpture and photography. He taught screen printing for five years at the Vancouver Native Education Centre and switched to water based inks from solvent systems in 1991. He has printed on a wide range of materials such as marble, moose hide and X-rays.

Bill has exhibited his work across Canada and has attended residencies at the Banff Centre, Engramme in Québec and El Hacedor in Spain. He was the recipient of CARFAC’s National Advocacy Award in 2015 (Canadian Artists’ Representation ~ le front des artistes canadiens) and was a Founding Director of Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre West. He and his partner, Claire Kujundzic have lived in Wells for over 20 years and are eventually moving to Victoria.


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