The Magic of a Pivot

PIVOT. It seems to be the verb of this pandemic: “to modify (a policy, opinion, product, etc) while retaining some continuity with its previous version”. It seems to be what organizations must do to survive. It is what MISSA must do too.

MISSA has been able to rely on its summer program offering to be the thing that it does and the thing that it does best. For 35 years the program has grown and strengthened, and participants have attended in a myriad of variations with many returning year after year. Friends attend with friends, mothers attend with daughters, couples take classes together and milestone birthdays were celebrated with the gift of a workshop (or two!)

MISSA can no longer rest on its laurels. It is the gathering of people that has been the backbone of MISSA and with this pandemic, we must pivot. The experience of the MISSA we have come to know and love: the natural beauty of the campus, the fresh cooked meals, the dorm rooms harkening to a childhood of summer camp days. And of course, the people! The amazing creative people who have travelled from near and far to attend, learn and grow together. At MISSA, the sum is truly greater than its parts, but how to continue that magic in a new form?

Until it is safe to gather in person again, MISSA must reconsider what it can do to stay in touch with its Friends and Stakeholders, to continue to offer learning and opportunities that keep MISSA going and our people engaged. The MISSA SHOP & Salon and the Workshop Marketplace are both new initiatives to engage with you as well as help keep the home fires burning. What we are saying is “we are still here!” and with your help, we can pivot, and continue to make magic.

Be safe, be kind… be creative.

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