Kelly McQuhae

Rustic Daydream Mug

Dark chocolate Georgie’s clay
Decorated with slips & underglazes, fired to cone 6

Rim measurement 2 1/2” wide
4” tall
Base width 3 1/4” wide.

This piece is located in Chilliwack. B.C. and can be shipped to anywhere in Canada.


In stock

Product Information

Holds 9 fluid ounces
Microwave and dishwasher safe

Kelly McQuhae

I have done many crafts over the years, knitting and sewing are my backups behind clay. I was introduced to clay years ago, taking part in a 8 week once a week throwing class in Yarrow, BC. These classes went on for 10 years, mostly for friendships of class mates until the day came when i was ready to move on. Shadbolt & Missa were two other places that have had a huge impact on my pottery journey.

The love of clay whether throwing or hand building along with making my own glazes, firing in my kiln at home in Greendale, BC.

I believe you can never stop learning and playing, my work changes by how I feel and with techniques I have been taught over the years.