MISSA SHOP & SALON – Launching on-line February 14

MISSA is excited to announce that we have been actively working on creating an on-line artisan shop for the sale of artwork made by our Friends of MISSA. Some artists sell their work on their own website or in galleries, but many are not yet set up in those capacities. The pandemic has impacted so many in-person artisan markets that artists have been struggling to find a venue to sell their work. The shop will run year round, providing a space and place for our Friends of MISSA to sell their wares. It will be your one stop shop for purchasing original art!

The SALON is an addition to the MISSA SHOP that sells items that have been donated with 100% of the proceeds going to support MISSA during this unfortunate time of COVID shutdowns.

If you are not a Friend of MISSA, you can become one today, click here.
Artist Vendor Applications can be requested by contacting ed@missa.ca

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