PHYLLIS SCHWARTZ - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Phyllis Schwartz is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator who works in photography, ceramics, and publishing. She is an Emily Carr University of Art + Design graduate with a concentration in photography and the recipient of the Canon Photography Award. Her photography has been installed, exhibited and published locally, across Canada and internationally; her works are in corporate, public and private collections.


These collections include the Farmboy Collection at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and St. Paul’s Hospital Art Collection. Recent exhibitions include Collaborative Alchemy (with Pierre Leichner and Edward Peck, Amelia Douglas Gallery, NewWestminster, BC), the Sooke Fine Arts Show, Altered Images at Hand (Propeller Art Gallery/Toronto), Light Sensitive: celebrating prints from the darkroom (Art Intersections, Gilbert, Arizona), Illuminations and Impressions (die Bedürfnisanstalt, Hamburg Germany), and Cascadia (Surrey Art Gallery, Honourable Mention). Schwartz is a contemporary artist making images using the lumen print process. These unique hybrid prints are made by a contact-printing process that leaves traces and shadows on photosensitive surfaces that are digitized. Plant enzymes and atmospheric conditions also interact with the surface to produce unexpected and result on photosensitive paper or sheet film, leaving X-ray like marks of both their shapes and interiors.