PAUL CHIZIK - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Paul Chizik was born in Vancouver BC. Grew up in a working class neighbourhood and from a early age, immersed himself in drawing and reading. While in high school and under the guidance of his high school art teacher decided that art was the profession he wanted to pursue. While working, he made his way to Western Washington University, Washington state. Where in the mid 80s he met professor Thomas Schlotterback, Emeritus and under his encouragement and tutelage, studied anatomy and figurative drawing in an independent arts program. It was a friendship and mentorship that lasted until Thomas Schloterbacks death in 2015. It was through professor Schlotterback, that Paul met Tom Sherwood, a master draftsman and painter.

He’s been a professional painter for the last 30 years and an educator for the last 25 years. His works have been represented in Toronto Canada, Palm Desert California, Miami Florida, The Hague Netherlands and London England. His works hang in numerous collections, both private and corporate.

Currently he resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.