Patt Scrivener was born in Nipawin, Saskatchewan and grew up on a grain farm with her four siblings. Although there was always lots of work to do, rural living afforded her lots of time to create. Patt started creating when she could hold a pencil.

Patt enjoys music and expressed an interest at an early age. At age 5 she started piano lessons, went on to finish her grade 8 conservatory, and later studied pop piano and organ. She also picked up her brother’s accordion as well as guitar and ukulele. She discovered her real love in the Celtic harp and today she focuses on playing and teaching this instrument.

After high school Patt moved to Saskatoon and got a job in a flower shop. By age 23 she owned her own shop. After running a successful business for 10 years Patt was ready for new challenges. She went on to study interior design and taught floral design at Olds College and Mount Royal University. In her spare time she continued dabbling in art by studying watercolour, painting on silk, pottery, weaving and silversmithing.

In 2003 Patt attended a mixed media painting workshop led by Maxine Masterfield. This was the catalyst for her decision to focus on painting. Since then she has studied under many renowned artists including Gwen Fox, Donna Baspaly, Suzanne Northcott, Patricia Seggebruch, and Linda Robertson.

Today Patt works in many mediums including acrylic, encaustic and cold wax with oil. Her work includes imagery of people, landscape and abstraction. The layering of a variety of media offers an assortment of possibilities within her work. Her work is about the process; she loves layering, scraping, sanding, pouring and dripping. She uses many unorthodox tools.

Patt retains a childlike exuberance when starting a new painting. Rather than have a fixed image in mind, Patt starts each project by pouring, scraping, and mark making. Once she has covered the canvas with a medley of colour, texture and pattern, she then steps back and looks for images to present themselves. She paints very intuitively, listening to the painting and responding to it.

“I developed my technique by being willing to experiment and always being open to ‘what if’. A large part of my learning comes from teaching.”
In 2007, Patt studied to become a life coach. This was instrumental in her decision to become a full time artist and to help others develop their creativity. Patt devotes her time creating original works and teaching others.

She facilitates workshops and a mentorship program in her Parksville Studio. Patt is a Signature (AFCA) member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the DeCosmos Fine Arts Society.

Call 250-248-2775 to arrange a studio visit.

This teacher was awesome!a past student