KATE RUBIN - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Kate Rubin is a theatre artist (director, performer, facilitator, and coach) known for her extensive professional work in the Victoria arts community. She was Director of Kate Rubin Theatre Drama Studio for 25 years and has and continues to work with theatres, such as The Belfry Theatre, Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival and Story Theatre Company.


In 2020, Kate won the Greater Victoria Regional Arts Critics Choice Award for OUTSTANDING DIRECTOR for her directorial work in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time with Theatre Inconnu. She was the recipient of the ProArt 2021 Witness Legacy Award for Social Purpose and Responsibility Through Art in recognition of her long-standing work with William Head on Stage Theatre (WHoS).

She believes in using the theatre arts to create connection, build empathy and trust and to encourage authentic expression.


I was looking for a coach many years ago when preparing for an audition. This is what I found in Kate Rubin: Clarity: Helped me to unscramble the dialogue to find meaning and discover intention. Objective: She used a variety of creative ways and perspectives so that I had a goal to reach at each stage of dialogue. Attention: She was focused on all the details, so that I could really grow, improve, and discover my strengths and weaknesses. Communicate: She listens well, is respectful, supportive, and very creative. Have Fun: Her sessions freed me up to explore, warm-ups let me be a kid and try different viewpoints. Jo Barnes- actor/playwright