Ingrid Hauss is an artist, teacher, poet and the founder of Art and Renewal. She tours widely with her art and interactive installations, combining art, movement, and her prose as an integrative embodied practice fostering wellness and creative living. Ingrid teaches at schools, conferences, studios, universities and retreat centres in Canada, the USA and Europe. 

Born and raised in the Black Forest region of Germany, she now resides on Bowen Island in British Columbia, where she listens to the quiet voice within to find guidance for every day practice of movement and creative expression. Ingrid Hauss has been in the performing and visual arts all her life. Influenced by the artists of the Bauhaus Era and Marc Chagall, she lives with colour as her vibrant tool of expressive story-telling on canvas and in life. Ingrid experiences and shares her artistic practice as a living invitation for transformation and liberation of creativity.

Her bold, interdisciplinary choreographies of brush and spirit allow the body to flow, heal and realign in an experience of inward and outward renewal.  Her art has been shown in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, and the Bowen Island Arts Council Gallery. It can be viewed on the Swiss platform of Artizza . There she has been named Artist of the Month in December 2017 and can be viewed in her art practice sketching along the wild shores of Vancouver Island on the following YouTube link:  Youtube:

Her recent article integrating her art and prose was published in Presence: International Journal for Spiritual Direction, Issue December 2017. Her interdisciplinary art installation was unveiled at the Global Congress for Art Education 2019 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  She is currently completing her Masters in Art Education at the University of Victoria. Ingrid is an artist-associate at Catching Stars Gallery, where selected art pieces are available as part of the gallery collection.