HOLLY McKEEN - Instructor at MISSA 2020

With a focus on Crystalline glazed porcelain and other special effects glazes, Holly McKeen has exhibited, delivered workshops, and made presentations in Canada, the USA, and by invitation in La Bisbal, Spain.  Holly has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times Magazine and Terr Art – Revista Ceramica of Barcelona, as well as other Potter’s Network and Guild publications.


Gaining increased recognition for her unique vessels, unusual surfaces, and fun, informative workshops, Holly states: "Complex surfaces intrigue and beguile, while the study of these glazes suits my ‘precisionist’ personality.  My newest work combines inspiration from the female form and mountain hiking with the intricacies of studio practice inquiry."   The ongoing study of crystalline and aventurine glazes has included technically precise and in-depth experimentation with rare-earth materials and added firing processes.  Holly enjoys sharing her knowledge of the processes involved, the formulations and the alchemy that accompanies their creation.