BARBARA HIRANO - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Barbara has been an artists all her life.  She has worked in the fields of Ceramics, Painting and Sculpture, using the mediums of clay, glass, and paint.

Following high school, Barbara entered SFU, with aim of studying general Arts.  However, during this exploration, she found she was particularly drawn towards Archaeology and Anthropology.  Within these studies, she was exposed to the genius of Prehistoric Artists. These artists employed various coloured art oxides to paint their visions on the cave walls of cultural sites and the ceramic artists who created pottery and sculpture for both ritual and practical use. These pottery Shards, are still used today to clarify the age and development of cultural sites.

Barbara continued to study pottery at Capilano University, and apprenticed with Donna MacLaren, who ran the Ceramic Program.

Barbara began teaching Pottery in Toronto, at the YMHA.  Several years later, she returned to Vancouver and continued teaching pottery and managing pottery studios across the North Shore, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Victoria, North Saanich and Whistler.  She also established studios in Vancouver, Whistler and North Saanich, all of which still serve the surrounding communities today.

Now retired from managing studios, Barbara continues to explore the magical world of clay and conducts workshops in BC.