Zentangle™ – Basics and Beyond

June 30, 2018 - July 1


Zentangle™ – Basics and Beyond

Zentangle® drawings may appear complex and intricate, but learning the step-by-step method shows how simple it really is. Tangling, or pattern-drawing promotes mindfulness – hence “zen” in the name. Unlike doodling, you concentrate on each line, circle or shape. This focus creates a calming effect that helps you forget distractions around you. Many have found Zentangle helpful in managing sleeplessness, stress or agitation, chronic pain, etc. , while others just tangle for the joy of producing satisfying and appealing art. One low-stress feature is that tangled drawings are abstract. There is less stress when there is no pressure to achieve a pre-planned “something”. The finished art may be unexpected, and who doesn’t love a nice surprise?

Zentangle is easy to learn and share and is appropriate for any age group or level of ability from “I can’t even draw a stick man” to accomplished artists who use it to unblock creativity, and/or to enrich other projects. Zentangle adds interest to projects as diverse as scrapbooking, mixed media, quilting,  jewellery, graphic design, cake decoration and pottery.

Zentangle is therapeutic, non-technical, requires few supplies, and takes on a different personality with the style of each tangler. In this two day program , you will learn the basics, then build confidence and skill as you progress through more complex designs and some finishing techniques to add that  “Wow factor”. No previous art successes necessary.

Course cost: $285   Supply fee: $24  STUDENT SUPPLY LIST

Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes.


BARB ROUND, a retired registered nurse,  was excited when she was introduced to Zentangle, recognizing that this method had so much to offer people as stress relief, confidence building and skills development. Barb became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in 2012, and since that time has provided instruction in this meditative art to 2000+ keen students in three provinces.

In 2015 examples of her art were included in 4 different books. Barb teaches frequently in schools, and enjoys working with seniors and special needs groups as well as adult classes.

Barb’s goal is to get people in touch with their inner artist – even if they’ve never met him before! She feels that this easy-to-learn and calming art form is perfect for those who are new to arts and crafts as well as experienced artists. Her students’ successes are Barb’s greatest pleasure and her best endorsement. See what they have accomplished on her website.


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