SURFACE: Clay as Canvas

June 22 - 23

SURFACE: Clay as Canvas

WEEKEND ONE (2-days): June 22 – 23, 2019   Classes run from 9 am – 4 pm daily and students are welcome to stay late in their studio.

SURFACE: Clay as Canvas

Clay has the ultimate surface for decoration and embellishment. In this two day workshop the student will investigate decorative techniques using underglazes and slips. With consideration of the surface, colour, balance, texture, pattern and design, we will construct a vocabulary of personalized forms and imagery that work with the individual’s aesthetics.

A combination of green ware and bisque pieces will be our canvas. Techniques such as slip trailing, sgraffito, mishima, stamping, staining and inlay are a few on the menu.

Functional hand built forms will be constructed with the emphasis on form, surface and pattern interplay.

All levels welcome

  • STUDENT SUPPLY LIST (Click HERE): All students are responsible for bringing their own supplies.
  • COURSE COST: $312 (Includes $291 tuition and $21 for materials to be provided by the instructor.)

Tuition includes daily lunch and snacks.  Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and are inclusive of all applicable taxes. An accommodation package is available in QUAD or DOUBLE occupancy and includes breakfast and dinner. Click here for further details.

Laura Vanderlinde

Clay has been part of Laura’s identity since childhood. Working with clay has always felt intuitive to her. As a pre-adolescent at her first pottery class, she felt as if she had rediscovered an old friend. She could create anything in her imagination and portray it in an earthy solid medium. The tactile qualities of the clay delighted her then, and still does decades later.

Laura studied at the School of Art and Design of the Witwatersrand Technikon in South Africa. Her mentors prioritized transformative philosophies. Clay arts were liberated from Anglocentric traditions which focused on “form follows function”. These outmoded belief systems were replaced with newer, fresher approaches. Laura internalized these influences and birthed her own unique style and visual vocabulary. To this day, she finds herself perpetually exploring the decorative possibilities of surface and integrating the applied design with the form of the vessel as she produces her work. With mass production challenging the significance of artists and artisans who produce by hand, making quality, original and thoughtful work becomes a priority. Laura feels honoured to have found her creative voice with clay.

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