GORDON HUTCHENS: Special Effects Glazing

June 26 - June 30




GORDON HUTCHENS: Special Effects Glazing

“Special Effects Glazing” In this class, Gordon will  cover glazing and firing Earthenware reduction lustre, Crystalline glazes, and Soda firing. He will also include lectures on glaze chemistry.

There will be three firings: a cone 9 firing in the salt/soda kiln, a cone 02 reduction firing in the large gas kiln and a cone 9 electric crystalline firing. Students are encouraged to bring bisque fired work.

Course Fee: $650  Supply Fee/Firing Fee: TBD

Gordon Hutchens‘ studio is nestled in 19 wooded acres in the secluded north end of Denman Island, British Columbia, a 5 minute drive from the ferry landing. For nearly 30 years Gordon has operated his extensive studio here while exhibiting across Canada, from Halifax, Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver & Victoria. He has had over 25 one-man shows and over 70 group exhibitions across Canada and the U.S., with 3 major exhibitions in Japan. Gordon has also taught courses and workshops for many colleges and potter’s guilds. His works and articles have been published in various ceramics magazines and books. He is the author/host of 4 videos: Beginning Raku, Variations on Raku and two videos on Salt and Soda Firing.


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