STEPHEN NORTON: Shaping Stone: An Introduction to Soapstone Carving

July 3 - July 7




STEPHEN NORTON: Shaping Stone: An Introduction to Soapstone Carving

Thank you for your interest but this course has been cancelled and will not run at MISSA 2017.

Learn how to carve soapstone and produce one large and two or three smaller finished pieces, ready for display, during the course.  Students are encouraged to advance at their own pace and comfort level. However, this course is designed for beginners to become comfortable with soapstone carving and once comfortable, go on to some more advanced tools and techniques, including using the ‘waste’ scraps, working with flats, transfers, paper designing, inscribing, embossing, inking, rods, use of space, pinning and gluing. No previous experience is required, just bring your imagination. A reference book “The Art of Carving Soapstone, an Introduction to Soapstone Carving” will be available for purchase at $25 Can (retails for $40 on in the class.

Course Fee: n/a  Supply Fee: n/a

Stephen Norton is now a full-time artist, author and indie publisher after retiring  a few year ago from computer management. Over the years he has taught classes on a variety of subjects, from computers to carving. He currently teaches a 2-day course on self-publishing at Royal Roads University each fall and taught a 2-day soapstone carving course at MISSA 2014. He has written two books on soapstone carving which are sold internationally and has published several other books on a variety of topics.