ELAINE BREWER-WHITE: Sculpture: Forms of Expression

June 24 - June 25




ELAINE BREWER-WHITE: Sculpture: Forms of Expression

This 2 day workshop will focus on facial expressions, exploring the minutiae of emotions that can inform or disguise the meaning in a work. From the shoulders up, the human anatomy will be discussed and examined, and students will use mirrors for self-portrait study. Detailed and gestural emotional expression will be explored.  Animal expression will be introduced on the second day by way of discovering how emotion also plays over other types of anatomy. Students will work in 3D and also relief format. The first project will involve aforementioned mirrors and second and third projects will make use of observation through photo references, with photocopy references provided.  Discovering a more expansive palette of emotional expression is a valuable tool for any artist since it helps to tell the story of a piece.

Absolute beginners are welcome! Elaine’s process is about self-exploration, not just end product. Everyone has to start somewhere!

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Elaine Brewer-White has been sculpting in clay for over 35 years. She brings an attitude of joy and celebration to all her projects, from portrait sculpture, to life size figures, garden sculpture to outdoor murals. Her work can be found in collections around the world. Elaine specializes in portrait commissions, both private and corporate; her subjects have ranged from deep sea divers to gardeners, motorcycle enthusiasts, ballerinas and Canadian prime ministers. Elaine refers to her portrait sculpture as legacy work, telling personal stories of love, family, and triumph whether personal or professional. Recently, she has also incorporated hand-built pottery into her practice, each piece reflecting her love of form, texture and color. Elaine has served as Artist in Residence for schools across western Canada. She’s also worked in film and theatre, has written and produced plays, sung jazz, and taught comedy and improv. She is married to Gordon White, a world renowned clown with Cirque du Soleil. It was her early improv training that taught Elaine the value of risk-taking and spontaneous thinking which she continues to incorporate into all aspects of her studio practice. Elaine believes passionately in the value of living a creative life and nurturing the creative spirit.  Carpe Diem!


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