Millefiori Magic: Patterned Veneers & their Application

June 23, 2018 - June 24


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Millefiori Magic: Patterned Veneers & their Application

Millefiori is an ancient technique that can be described as a combination of sculpting and painting.  This technique has been applied to many different types of media, such as: Glass, Ceramics, and Wood. Wanda will share her years of experience as an artist in the technique of Millefiori using polymer clay. Polymer clay is a medium that allows for the mixing and blending of colours to create depth, variety and contrast.

You will learn to create a variety of “canes” which you will then combine in interlocking designs that will become more complex canes. These you will “slice” in such a way that patterned veneer sheets of polymer clay are made. These will then be applied to a 3- dimensional surface, in this case a vessel or bowl, and cured for permanency. Finishing techniques will then be demonstrated.

This class is open to students who are interested in learning how to work with polymer clay, more experienced polymer clay artisans and artists who are interested in the use of colour and pattern in another medium.


All FIMO materials generously donated by STAEDTLER.


Course cost: $285   Supply fee: $10         STUDENT SUPPLY LIST
Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes. 


WANDA SHUM is a B.C. grown artist who was formally trained in Electronic Communication Design at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design; she’s been an independent artist for over 18 years with a variety of works to her name.  Wanda’s works are recognized for their bright and whimsical qualities.

Currently, she’s working with polymer clays in a technique called ‘millefiori’, which is like a combination of painting and sculpting. ‘Millefiori’ or ‘A Thousand Flowers’ is a traditional Venetian glass art that involve the formation with fused glass rods that has a pattern throughout. The modern version of this is created by laying different coloured polymer clays together. Then the cane is sliced to reveal the design within.

This technique has allowed her to create unique jewelery and accessories.   Her latest body of work, especially her teapots have moved beyond the framework of form and function into the realm of collectible art.



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