DEBORAH THOMPSON: Painting With Two Minds: A Process Workshop

July 3 - July 7




DEBORAH THOMPSON: Painting With Two Minds: A Process Workshop

This process based workshop, for artists of any level, is designed to explore the creative process and in, particular, the workings of the analytical and intuitive mind. Students will explore, through a series of painting exercises and discussion, the dualistic quality of the creative mind as it moves between the rational and non-rational modes of operating. Students will learn how to identify which mind is making the decisions at various stages of the process, and will encourage these two minds to work together in supporting the development of a painting.

Each day is designed to build upon the others, to layer experiences, insights, and processes, with a repertoire of tools from which to invigorate the creative process. The workshop also includes academic emphasis, with colour theory and formal aspects of painting. Images from art history and contemporary artists will be studied to expand the understanding of the creative process and, in particular, the dualistic mind. Each day will end with time to work on a self-directed painting, which will then be woven into the entire discourse. This workshop is a play between the minds of chaos and structure, and a chance to move deeper into one’s creativity – sure to be fun and engaging!

Course Fee: $650  Supply Fee: $35       Tuition includes lunch and two snacks. Prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Deborah Thompson is a visual artist, instructor and curator. Her studio practice consists of works in painting, drawing and sculptural mediums. Her work explores generative processes with specific attention to the poles of death and rebirth. Her imagery is inspired from plant, animal and human sources as well as autobiographical consciousness. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design and received her B.A. in Experiential Education from Prescott College, AZ. She spent over a decade teaching environmental leadership in remote pockets of the world before returning to her art practice. She has an M.F.A. in fine art from the University of Montana. She lives in Nelson, BC where she maintains a studio practice and teaches for the Oxygen Art Centre. She has received many awards and grants for both her studio and curatorial work.


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