Abstraction in Acrylic (UPDATED)

June 23, 2018 - June 24


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Abstraction in Acrylic (UPDATED)

**Updated course description**

This is an abstract class so forms and shapes can mean anything and of course be very different to each person.  Imagery itself is based on the personal connection that the students will find with forms.

Students would start by sorting out the contrast of varying elements, cool and warm colours, angled and curved shapes and lines, dark and light areas etc.  Utilizing the pencils, students would be asked to write out directly on the canvases their thoughts about their shapes; to find their personal connection to them, thus investing intent to their work.  As the painting develops, working both wet and dry, thick and thin, I want the student to re-evaluate where their painting is going and be critical within their own work.  I will have a list of questions I would like them to ask themselves- a sort of critical criteria.  But the fine balance here is NOT to be too linear or cerebral with their painting and keep the flow of intuitiveness going.  Being too cerebral will stifle the looseness.  However, being too loose often has no direction and feels trite.

There is a great quote by Robert Motherwell that I like to use for classes like this:

‘Its not that the creative act and the critical act are simultaneous.  It’s more like you blurt something out and then you analyze it.’

Students will learn to be aware of their acts, ask why, ask how, ask what does it mean?  There are no coincidences and accidents in the creative act.  The act of painting involves understanding the self.  The act of understanding the self involves being vulnerable and not afraid to look past the obvious visuals.

Class times are 9 – 4 pm each day. Classroom studios are open after hours.

Course cost:  $285    Class fee: $0 

Tuition includes lunch and daily snacks and is inclusive of all applicable taxes.


MICHELLE MILLER is an international artist, from Saskatchewan, currently painting out of her studio in Victoria, British Columbia. Miller is well studied having earned a B.F.A. Visual Arts with a Triple Major in Painting, Drawing, & Printmaking, and a B.A. in Art History. The combination of the two degrees has given Miller a unique balance of heart and mind – the balance of the visceral and the cerebral is what Miller searches for in her art.

She paints in both oils and acrylic and often incorporates other mediums such as jute, fabric, and tissue paper to convey a unique, raw, and symbolic story through each piece. Millers paintings deliver ideas that are both temporally and geographically specific, her works investigate metaphorical thoughts with abstracted forms. It is the process, the actual act of painting, the sense of discovery and wonderment that is consistent in all of Millers work.

As an art instructor, Miller relishes helping people develop and discover who they are by finding their authentic voice in art. Having established a unique approach toward teaching art, with over 20 years of experience, Miller has earned her title as the most sought after art teacher for all ages.


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