It is because of the generosity of MISSA supporters that visiting instructors and community organizations alike, make our two auctions the biggest fundraising events held during MISSA.  Each year the auctions produce a range of beautiful and unique art pieces and a variety of gift certificates that range from local chocolate to a date night at the symphony!  Past and present MISSA instructors generously donate their art and contribute to a display table in the dining hall that is as varied as it is inspiring. The auction happens twice over the two week period on the second and last Friday, with the first auction taking place on the Celebration of the Arts evening and the second auction taking place during the final Wrap-Up evening. Bidding wars have been known to happen over coveted pieces, and what better way is there to take away a piece of art from your favourite art teacher AND support MISSA at the same time!


Friday July 10: Wrap-Up Party