Self-Directed Residency

July 29 - August 12

Self-Directed Residency

Self-Directed Residency

This Self-Directed Residency space is available for 2 days or 5 days and you have the choice of a double studio space (limited availability) or an open studio space (shared with a group).

This is the perfect opportunity to work on your own art project, at your own pace, and still soak up the creative atmosphere of MISSA! This cost includes your daily lunches and use of the space.

Options are:  a Shared Studio  space (double) or an Open Studio space (with multiple people).

If you have someone in mind, you can recommend a studio mate. Otherwise, we will try our best to match you with someone complimentary. The Open Studio Self-directed Residency is an opportunity to work alongside others, but in your own medium and at your own pace.

These studio spaces are most suited for artists whose medium of choice is: painting, pastels, drawing, collage or mixed media. Each space will have a work table and access to water.

    Price: $125.00 - $390.00

    CONFIRMED: This workshop has met the required registration numbers and will be running.

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    Double Studio Space, Open Studio Space (Group)

    Sudio Dates

    2-day: July 30 – 31, 2-day: August 6-7, 5-day: August 1-5, 5-day: August 8-12