Poetry: Form and Line

August 1 - August 5


Poetry: Form and Line

Poetry: Form and Line

Poetry is more than metaphor, rhythm and rhyme – it is also an exploration of form, of how the poem is broken into lines or phrases of language and how poets use the tools available through formal constraints. In this course students will write in a variety of long and short forms and will focus on lineation and how line in poetry works to expand meaning, metaphor, and impact of the poem. The course will consist of in-class writing, as well as homework to refine poems started in class. We will also read poems from Canadian and World poets to explore how poets work with line and form.

Over the five days students will move from thinking about line and line length to using the stanza as a unit in poetry, to dabbling in form poems such as sonnets and triolets, to considering how space in the line, between stanzas, and leaps in language can create shifts in meaning.

This is a hands-on class involving language, play and form. There will be the opportunity for one-to-one time with the instructor, evening discussions and readings.

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  • Course Prerequisites: Love of poetry and some writing experience
  • Course Level: All Skill Levels

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Yvonne Blomer (she/her) is an award-winning travel writer and poet. The Last Show on Earth, her fifth book, came out with Caitlin Press in 2022. Yvonne’s poetry books include As if a Raven (Palimpsest Press, 2015), and the anthologies Refugium: Poems for the Pacific and Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds (Caitlin Press, 2017 and 2021). Sugar Ride: Cycling from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur (Palimpsest Press, 2017) is her travel memoir exploring body, time, and travel.

Click here to read more about YVONNE BLOMER

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Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and include daily lunch/snacks, relevant materials fees and any applicable taxes.