Registered MISSA Student Form - PLEASE COMPLETE

Due to an unforeseen database issue with our website, specific information you had entered around the questions we had asked you, was not saved. Please take a moment to answer the following questions regarding roommate requests, dietary restrictions, mobility issues and specific celebrations. We have added information about your age range and COVID. Thank you for your understanding!
If you are staying on campus and are requesting a specific roommate or roommates, please include their full name(s).
For example, a girls weekend, a milestone birthday or just the opportunity to participate in an in-person MISSA!
MISSA is looking for volunteers! Volunteer tasks include: admin help leading up to the Summer Program, setting up/taking down, special events, hosts, front desk help or joining the Board or board sub-committee.
If you are interested in volunteering, please identify an area (or more!) that interests you:
For our demographic purposes, please identify your age range:
COVID – 19: As we have seen, the pandemic is constantly changing as are the health and safety precautions mandated by Health Canada. The MISSA Summer Program brings people together in classrooms, dining halls, accommodation rooms and other areas and must ensure the protection and safety of all participants. All MISSA instructors are required to be fully vaccinated and, in order to ensure the safety of everyone on campus, we are asking that student participants are also fully vaccinated. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR CURRENT VACCINE STATUS:
Thank you for your understanding and participation. We are all in this together!
See you very soon at MISSA 2022 on the beautiful campus of Shawnigan Lake School!
New to MISSA and don't know what to take? Try this "Mark Making with Handmade Tools" workshop with MaryLou WAKEFIELD. (2-day: Aug 6-7)Click HERE to learn more.