VICTORIA EDGARR - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Victoria Edgarr has over 30 years experience as an exhibiting artist and instructor, and is a graduate of Dawson College and Concordia University. She was professionally trained in printmaking at the acclaimed studio of la Guile Graphique in Montreal. Her multi-media art practice is firmly rooted in the conceptual, manual and social aspects of printmaking.

A dedicated and lively instructor Victoria teaches art with diverse ages and levels ranging from community arts to professional residencies and mentorships with local and international artists at Ground Zero Printmakers Studio. Victoria has actively supported the arts in the CRD, contributing labour and administrative and board roles in Xchanges Gallery and GZPS. Her Chinatown studio is shared with AC with whom she co-creates the artwork known as Chloé. Victoria Edgarr's work has had wide representation and distribution in public and private collections and exhibitions in Canada and beyond.