PETER FLANAGAN - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Peter Flanagan’s practice of art has been a lifelong pursuit. Formal studies in art and academics began at Kootenay School of Art and continued at the University of Victoria and the Banff Centre. His work resides in private and public collections internationally, including the Racine Art Museum USA, Auckland Museum NZ, Mino Special Collections, Japan and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Teaching locally and globally from Peachland BC to Bali, Indonesia and Shanghai, China have informed and added profound depth and perspective to his studio practice.

Participation in ceramic exhibitions and recognition with national and international awards throughout Canada, USA, Japan and New Zealand have broadened Peter’s vision and exposure. Travels to Hong Kong and various regions of China and Taiwan have been a cultural delight to experience both historical and contemporary ceramics.
Peter's recent exploration of throwing large-scale porcelain plates, ranging from 25 to 75 pounds of clay, were inspired, in part, by the monumental scale of ceramic works witnessed in Jingdezhen, China. By paying attention to both ergonomics and whole body positioning while centering, he is able to demonstrate an ease of forming that does not require super-human strength. As well, Peter explores scale by combining and joining multiple parts to create one unified form.

A multitude of techniques are also employed in the completion of pieces. Peter enjoys using a variety of stained porcelain slips for both ground and trailed patterns. Glazes are most often employed to enhance the subtle shifts in form with both wet, glossy surfaces contrasted with dryer, matte ones. Application by pouring, dipping, spraying, sponging and brushing are all employed to achieve a variety of visual stimulation.

Peter is constantly inspired by the seemingly never ending opportunities of expression in ceramics.