Nancy Wesley (nan.c) is a creative felt designer who has been teaching and felting full time for over 10 years. Trained as a graphic designer at the Ontario College of Art, her work shows her love of line and clean simple design. She traveled and adventured for many years before finally settling down in Canada to surround herself with art supplies and rescue dogs. She now lives on Vancouver Island with her two sons.

Nancy’s process begins by hand dyeing wool roving then sculpting and manipulating it using a variety of felting techniques. The inspiration for her dye-pot is nature. The myriad of shades and varying depth of each colour is what she attempts to mimic with the dyeing process, never aiming for a solid colour. Nancy combines needle felting techniques with the ancient methods of wet felting to create her line of art influenced by her graphic design background and her love of both the natural and mythical world.

Her neighbours regularly wonder what she’s up to, stirring steaming cauldrons of dye-stuffs in the yard and quietly cackling to herself.