MO HAMILTON - Instructor at MISSA 2020

Mo Hamilton is a printmaker, textile artist, mixed-medium painter and teacher. Recurring symbols and motifs show up in her work such as houses, trees, plants, birds and natural elements. Often she is drawn to her studio by an idea or agenda that needs to express it’s self only to find that the process takes over and intuition leads the way.

Presently Mo is exploring block-printing on fabric as well as working on an ongoing longer printmaking project called The 100 Houses Project. In Mo’s 100 Houses Project she explores the house as symbol for expressing the changes humans experience in their lifetimes. Mo has lived in many communities across BC including , Summerland, Malcolm Island, Victoria, Castlegar, and Terrace, but now she resides in Prince George.

The creation of art has provided consistency through the transitions she has made in both time and place, in soul and in heart, as a child, woman, partner, and mother. Her creations can be found in galleries and private collections through-out BC.