BRYAN MERRYFIELD - Instructor at MISSA 2020

I have been playing and learning about drumming for over 30 years now. Previous to that I studied Afro-Caribbean and Jazz dance in Barbados and Alberta.  Much of my early learning experience was through Babatunde Olatunji and his Drums of Passion performance group.

I gave also studied under Gordy and Zoe  Ryan, his main drummer and  dancer, Dido "Dr. Drum" Frances, Quatzi Ijiro, Sal Ferraris and Ray Rothschild.

I was involved with Earth Week in the 90s, helping organize a drumming festival on the Causeway in Victoria. At this time I was facilitating drumming circles with street kids in downtown Victoria.

I have been involved with choirs over the last 20 years, performing with them in various churches and halls. As well I have been able to incorporate the drum in to counseling work I was involved in.

Drumming and singing for me has been an important part of my life journey,  and I continue to find ways to enhance the experience.