Amber Friedman is a textile artist, who lives with her family in Powell River, BC. Her lifetime of travel and creativity began with her first camera at five years old. She taught herself how to sew and dye fabric at 10 years old, using up all her mother’s white sheets to do so. Currently, Friedman is exploring using text in her batik paintings, direct application of indigo, and foraging medicinal plants to extract colours. She is now using botanical dyes for all her paintings and clothing after 7 years of research.


Friedman attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, studying textiles from WhiteFeather, Harriet Taylor and Janice Wright Cheney. During the four-year program, Friedman also participated in multiple group exhibitions, co-created emerging art boutiques and taught arts-based workshops alongside recognized artists in the community.

While living on the west coast she has studied printing with natural dyes at Maiwa, been an active member of the Malaspina Arts Society and a founding member of the Annual eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show.

Friedman’s upcoming events include opening an art studio in Powell River that will host textile events, art events, workshops, and a 6-week textile study program. Amber teaches botanical dye workshops in the Powell River area and at The Arts Building in Gibsons, BC.