Staying on the MISSA campus allows you to fully immerse yourself in this unique community of artists in a beautiful seaside setting.

“My MISSA experience was exceptional … Being next to the water in this creative environment with fellow artists and instructors alike was an unforgettable opportunity.”   MISSA 2016


“For one magical week, on the Pearson College campus, I left behind the fevered pace of everyday life and immersed myself in the peace and tranquility of the natural surroundings.”   MISSA 2016


Accommodation is only available to registered MISSA students.

The physical terrain of the campus is hilly and many buildings are accessible only by foot paths or by stairs. The campus is difficult to navigate if you have mobility issues.

MISSA students are housed in five separate, two-storey buildings, spread out across the campus. See map. In each house, students have access to a common lounge area with a kitchenette and a piano. If MISSA students are not working late into the evening in their studios, they are socializing with fellow artists in the common rooms.

All rooms are set up in a dorm style with four beds, each with a desk and closet space, on the same floor as a central washroom with shower facilities. Bed linens and bathroom towels are included. You are encouraged to bring any personal items that will make you feel comfortable including special pillows or blankets. Laundry facilities are available and laundry soap is provided. Campus accommodation rooms do not lock. Please leave your irreplaceable valuables at home and bring a lock to secure small personal items.

 Quadruple  Double
2 day course: 2 nights (Friday – Saturday)

2 day course: 1 night only (Saturday)

 $ 206

$ 103

 $ 250

$ 125

5 day course: 6 nights (Sunday-Friday)  $ 550  $ 660
7 day course: 8 nights (Friday-Friday)   $ 730  $ 880
14 day course: 15 nights (Friday-Following Friday) $ 1,335 $ 1,575

Rooms are available in double or quad occupancy and can be booked when you register for your course and have an option to request a specific roommate. Arrangements can be made for couples. Please contact the MISSA office if you would like to make arrangements for a single room as there are very few available and confirmation cannot be made until just before MISSA (Single room: $143/night).

Accommodation costs include breakfast and dinner and the use of the campus. Lunch and two snack breaks are included in your course fees. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars, and include applicable taxes.

No pets please. Overnight camping is not permitted.


“Normally I spend a lot of time alone in a studio so it was exciting to spend a week surrounded by artists and art lovers, have great conversations about art, receive feedback and to make connections.”